49% Of US Gamers Are Spending Money On Microtransactions

49% Of US Gamers Are Spending Money On Microtransactions

According to SuperData, 49% of gamers in the United States have spent money on in-game content in September on console and PC.

This was a decrease from September, where “in-game conversion has dropped to 16% and 10% on PC and console respectively from 30% and 36% in September 2018.” That’s a very sharp decline.

The decline, SuperData explains, is probably due to gamers being highly sensitive to the opinions of others, with 54% being influenced by family and friends. “Word spreads fast concerning games with perceived predatory microtransactions“, the report states.

SuperData concludes: “In-game spending as we know it has reached a saturation point. Between loot boxes, battle passes, one-time booster packs and individual cosmetic purchases, there is no shortage of in-game monetization tactics. These strategies, however, are not enticing everyone to purchase additional content.”

Whilst the decline is encouraging, as it shows gamers are pushing back against the variety of anti-consumer practices that companies like EA and Activision frequently use in their games, it’s still too high. Remember, whenever you buy something you’re sending a message. Buying in-game items shows your support for them. If you don’t support them, then don’t buy them.

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