EA Returns To Steam, To Pick Up The Money They Left On The Table

EA Returns To Steam, To Pick Up The Money They Left On The Table

EA is returning to Steam, after leaving the platform in 2012 to focus on building their own digital storefront, Origin. EA’s return will coincide with the release of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, on 15th November.

When EA left the platform it was never a question of whether they would return to the but rather of when. After all, leaving the largest digital games storefront to build their own, whilst somewhat admirable, did leave a lot of money and lost sales on the table. Even now, Steam has 14 million users daily, an audience which, for almost eight years, has been unable to buy an EA game.

In celebration of their newfound relationship, EA will be bringing their game subscription service, EA Access, to the platform. This will be the first game subscription service to be available on Steam. There will also be crossplay between players on Origin and Steam.

It’s unknown whether EA’s subscription service will make up for the loss in digital revenue over the years, but EA will be hopeful that this will boost their bottom line. I think it’s safe to say, the company can expect a reasonable boost to its revenue this year due to returning to Steam.

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