Netflix’s “The Witcher” Gets Christmas Release Date

Netflix’s “The Witcher” Gets Christmas Release Date

Netflix’s “The Witcher” TV series gets its final trailer and announces a 20th December release date.

The Christmas release dates places “The Witcher” in a special position, whereby it appears to be Netflix’s big, budget show for the Christmas season. The trailer definitely highlights a big budget, showing a variety of special effects and extra-heavy, fight scenes.

Considering the huge success of the game series, developed by CD Projekt Red, it’s not surprising that Netflix would position the show so prominently. After all, it was the games which brought the series into popular, mainstream culture. With the Netflix show taking several visual cues from the games (bathtubs, anyone), it’s clear that the show is trying to appeal to the same demographic.

It’ll be interesting to see how well the series performs. As someone who’s only dabbled in the games, I’m looking forward to watching it.

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